Hello there! My name is Charles, but most people call me Charlie or by my last name.

Born in the historic year 1989 and since I was a little kid I got bitten by the travel bug. My parents took me and my sister to Spain and Italy every year for a few weeks, that later evolved into trips to the Caribbean and Miami, New York City, etc.

In 2017 I discovered that I really love to hike, camp and just be closer to nature and go back to the basics. There’s nothing better than the feeling of putting up your tent and taking a dive in the nearby river, making a fire, watching the sunrise from your tent,.. I just love it. Whenever I’m not ‘out there’, I feel something tugging to get back into nature! Second of all, I fell in love with the US West Coast and all of the National Parks, there is just something about that conserved nature.

After doubting and hesitating about starting ‘yet another travel blog’, I decided it was time. This blog is about me sharing my adventures, travel tips, beautiful places, cool cafés, good restaurants, etc. anywhere in the world.

A few months ago me and my best friend started to talk about something big and crazy, something that will definitely change us and will break our hearts in so many ways. In 2020, we will hike the Pacific Crest Trail, so my blog will be about our journey and preparation for the PCT, as well as our adventures during our 2650-mile hike from Campo to Manning Park, BC, Canada.

The mountains are calling and I must go.

John Muir